07 December 2017

End of year

It's been a year and my last post was in 2016. Now we are in 2017 actually it's almost end 2017 and new year is approaching, which is so many things happen in my life and I never shared on my blog. When I read my previous post, I was shocked, I was like 'Did I wrote all these?' I was so amazed with myself somehow.

Anyway, it's already 2017. Let's talk about what I've been up to. I'm not going to promise to update daily, I find blogging is hard and time consuming I guess? To be honest, I do love writing but I find it's quite burden to share everything on social media these days. Everything is gonna be viral. We are living in viral society, everyone is hunger to be famous. It's so sad.

Straight forward, what is happen in my life?

I graduated from Bachelor of Accountancy last november 2017. What make me more happy and Im so proud of myself was I did graduated in first class honours. I will never come this far without my parents support and encourage me to never ever give up.

Honestly, I'm not a bright student in secondary school. I got pretty bad result during my SPM, I got less A's among my bestfriend. I'm so upset during that time. As time goes by, I continue my Diploma at private university which were near my house compared to my best friend were entered public university. I felt so dumb because I didnt get any offered from public university and Im so sad because I was different from my group.

Did I realize that, these journey actually make me more matured? and think for future...i meant I grew up and I survived...........and I never thought I can achieved very outstanding result during my life.At that moment the problem was because of my laziness, I took everything very lightly and gave up easily.

I had the best university day in my life. I love my university day because I found something that I never thought I am capable to do it but actually I can ! It's started that I need to believe in myself more, and during my university years I did involved with so many club activities and I am one of the committee which was never ever thought about I'll get that position in my life.

I met a lot of new friends and making a lot of new friends. I knew some of my juniors and so do juniors knew me lol. Which is insane because i'm so introvert but they are accepted me for who I am. 

I also never missed about dramas that happened during my university days. A lot drama I told you. I loss my good friend too wow.

Someone talk bad about even though she didnt know me personally.

I do want to talk more, let's just stop here.
Currently, Im seeking for job and still searching..................I do believe Allah has better plans for me and He always be there for me.

05 January 2016

Review: notbuk notbook twenty series planner

Hello everyone !
How's going? How is your holidays? Hope you have an amazing day and having lots of fun !
My semester break is almost ends. I am currently spending my semester break with catching up all Arrow's episode ! I am way behind. What's your favorite tv shows that you are currently watching?

Today, as I promised. I will do a review about  notbooknotbuk new planner called as 'twenty series' planner. You can check them out here : As I mention in my previous post, i did purchased mint bundle box. In the box, i got table calendar, a notebook, a planner, and stickers !

What's my final thoughts about this planner? Well first of all I really loves how the design and layout of this planner. It's really nice and very convenient. I love the cover so much. It's so simple but yet classic at the same time. It has gold foil and very elegant. The planner also well made ! I loves the quotes that they put in front cover .

The only thing, i want to emphasis is i really hopes that they used really hard cover or laminated the front cover. This is because, i find you can tear the cover very easily. I will definitely damaged the cover few weeks . Not really user friendly if you want to carry around or put inside your bag. You have to be very careful. The coil, it looks fine but im not guarantee it will held in very long time

The monthly layout is really simple. Every month they included with monthly prompt.  I find that, it's very thoughtful to have that kind of things in my planner. It's very simplicity. The colours for monthly layout only consist three colours; pink, grey and mint.  The box is very small.

Other than that, the weekly layout also looks simple. Mind that, it's undated planner and also in vertical layout. Also, included with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe you are on diet, you can track your meals everyday. What have you eating for today or maybe it can helps you try a new recipe every single days. Whose know lol .

What i loved the most is, they have this one section for every month. This month goals kind of thing, i really love that. It's nice, i can put important dates or task in this section rather than cramped everything in my weekly plan.

Another thing i really hopes that, they can include with tab sticker or maybe can put words say 'January' 'February' infront of new pages. I find it's really annoying when they just leave the weekly layout blank.

The layout of the planner is : Monthly layout  (12 months) after that only  Weekly layout.I also  hopes they can do normal layout like every planner do. You know, a monthly layout then weekly layout than doing 12 months straight.

Overall, i think it's really good planner yet very affordable that you can find in the market. It's great for student like me because they layout is simple and is easy for me to track all my assignments and etc. Maybe you are hardcore with decorates your planner go ahead. Make it pretty as you wants but im using this planner as my study and work ! So i dont think is necessary to decorates as crazy I want hahahaha.

What planner that you use for your 2016? Have a great day !
See you on my next post ! ;)

21 December 2015

My planner 2016 + Hauls

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

Currently im on my semester break ! Im doing good so far and i have list what im gonna do during holiday.

Anyways, i can tell you that Planner Community is really a 'thing' right now. I even joined Planner Addict Malaysia on fb. I can see that everyone is so creative! Im quite jealous how their planner turns out. Im not really that creative to be very honest. Im very simple with my planner.

Since, i joined as PAM members, im so thrill to spend my time to decorates my planner for 2016. I even purchased my very first stickers in my life . e-v-e-r. To make my planner looks cute la :p

For your information, im really an organize freak. I had my first planner when i was in my first year of college.  My first planner was from MPH. It's really affordable , it's only cost rm 40. It does helped me with my assignments, test, and quiz and also my activities. To ensure myself on track and dont forget about everything !

I kinda freak out when everything is not plan accordingly. I can stress very easily and im so nervous if i dont start planning. Sounds so dramatic but it's so true hehe

As years goes by, every year I always make sure that i'll buy new planner. Almost my planners are from MPH and Popular.  Sometimes, i feels that the layout that they have dont really suits me for my daily life. Most of the planners are hourly layout.

Then, I found this site named Notbook Notbuk. I really loves everything about their products.  They are selling stationery especially books and binders ! It's so cute and adorable.
What even more c-oo-ler they are from Malaysiaaannn !!

One day, they upload teaser for planner 2016 ! I know that i have to get it no matter what. Mind that, i'll start my practical on May next year! I have to buy it!!! Haha

The planner called as twenty-sixteen series. It's only available in 3 colours; Grey, mint and also pink.
I choosed the mint !! I loveeeee green because green is my favourite colour . I bought mint bundle box.You will receive note book, stickers, desk calendar. Everything is so pastel-ing and im totally falling in love with everything that i got !

You still can purchase the planners alone. The price is still affordable !

This planner is vertical layout and they are undated. I dont know how i feels about that, because i always use dated planner and horizontal ofcourse .  Besides, the cover page is not laminated . You have to very careful because you might scratch or tear the front cover. I will be posting more in depth about this planner very soon ! Stay tuned hehe.

Then................................................................. I have decided to purchased my very first erin condren planner . Hehehehe. Reasons why i need two planners are the planner from notbooknotbuk i will use specifically for my college and club activities. Meanwhile, for my ECP, it is for my daily life and job, blogging, expenses or whatsoever .

Erin Condren Planner is so famous in USA . They're not available in Malaysia but you can purchase from their website. It's really expensive plus with shipping price including tax and i  did my ordered from fasyshop. I also bought it during black friday ! And BOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy because the planner was on sale hehe. I choose horizontal layout because it suits me the best !

The service from fyashop is amazing, the seller was helpful and friendly. If you want to buy ECP you can buy from fyashop. I really recommend but since the black Friday has ended, the price of the planner turns back to normal price.

If you still think that neither both of them is not really what you're looking for. I can suggest few websites that's really in my top list for planner.

  1. ScrapandCrop They also selling varieties of planner from overseas . 
  2. Paperdorable ;  is Malaysian based company. I read a lot of good feedback about paperdorable planner. The planner looks like Kikki K planner but less expensive
  3. Mossery; is also Malaysian based company All the designs are so cute and worth to die for

What's your planner for 2016? I cant wait to use mine. Maybe i can show you how I use both of planners . Like doing 'plan with me' blog version . Sort-of

Sorry for bad pictures, the lightning was really bad in my room .